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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Road Trippin'

In a few hours the Golfer and I will be getting on the road for another lovely [God filled] golf trip.
I hope to get a few people with my pointing game on video. I'm sure Ivan and Jonathan will love that haha.
I'm going to miss lovely boyfriend. I hate being so far away from him =[
I'm sad to say I'll be missing church tomorrow, Thursday and Sunday but the good news is I'm on a mission to come back from this trip on fire and refreshed. I will NOT allow the devil to bring me down!!!
I really don't understand people sometimes. I think some people need to get punched in the face every once in a while as a refresher haha
SO... fun little experience today. The Golfer decided she wanted to put me out and tell the world I know nothing of guns haha you big dummy! Its ok because I'm learning =] Girl with Gun Pictures, Images and Photos
I will be updating as the trip goes on and hopefully get a few things up that I've been wanted to put.

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  1. What she failed to mention was that she kinda put her self out there first and i just cleaned it up but clarifying that yup she doesnt no much about guns!!! but like she said she is learning and she has no choice with me as a best friend!!! :-) but yes this trip is going to be pretty awesome and full of PRAYER first and for most!!!! and worshipping and reading and just enjoying God and thanking him for all that he has done in our lives. and if u havent thanked him lately maybe u should stop reading and get ur butt to church or just drop on ur knees right where u are and thank him for everything that he has delivered u from!!! im super excited for this trip but also looking forward to coming home and being home for a few weeks!! God bless you all!!!

    ~the Golfer