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Saturday, August 18, 2012


We may have a bad day or week or year but it doesn't matter as long as you are serving Jesus with your whole heart. I know how easy it is to get side tracked and loose focus but our problems are nothing next to God. He gives us the strength to do everything. Who are we to complain about the small things when He laid down His life for us.
Today I felt like I couldn't take anymore. I wanted to give up and disappear but I got the revelation that it isn't about me. When I gave my life to Christ, He never promised that we would never struggle or go through hard times. Jesus is our crutch in those hard times but we choose to lean on ourselves instead. 
I may be weak Your spirit strong in me. My flesh may fail, My God you never will

We were created to worship and give praise to God. Are you giving Him all the praise He deserves? I know I haven't. So here I am praising and worshiping Him.  
Holy is the Man of Sorrows
Destroying the works of the evil one, all with Your own blood
And mercies before and behind You, such beauty all around You  
And how could I ever repay You, but with the fragrance of my Hallelujah
 May God give you the revelation of those words.
It's my joy to love, it's my joy to obey
You can have all my heart, You can have all my praise
I will give You my life, I will run hard this race
Reaching for the prize, I am Yours and You are mine
 One thing I realized today was the extent of what God has called us to do. It is not all about ourselves. We cant always do what we want and not do what we dont want to do. We have to be faithful and do what God wants us to do. There will always be a situation or person that our flesh wants nothing to do with but we have to put our flesh aside and do what the spirit requires.
Jesus, let us be sensitive to the Spirit and have hear to hear.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Emotions Suck

My life has flipped completely upside down in the past month. Since my last post things have gone in all different directions. I haven't read more of the book but I did see my pastor a few more times. Jesus has definitely been doing a work in me. One area that I have really been dealing with is some of the things that happen after I got raped. I had to go through months of personal and family counseling. It was hell. All the things that happen between dealing with the cops and my family definitely left some nice scars. My brother is also moving in with one of the guys who raped me so yea he sucks. That is another part that is hard to deal with because every person I thought would protect me never did. Now I feel as though I'm standing on my own but I know Jesus is on my side and will never leave me.