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Friday, March 28, 2014

Inspired Friday: Apple Crates

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LXm6WB9RsYQ/UQslAVi0EMI/AAAAAAAADTA/x13mnP7nlWc/s1600/Pinterest-Logo-e1341884936729.jpgInspired Fridays is hosted by  Inkk Reviews
You don't have to actually craft anything to "be inspired". Show something you maybe have done, want to try, or even a cool looking book nook or library. Whatever inspires you!

As you guys know I am on the search for a new bookshelf as I'm sure many of you are. I think being book bloggers its kind of a never ending cycle. We fill our shelves as fast as we get them hehe. I think this idea would be so cool because you can build it as high and as wide as you would like. I would imagine you could probably make it into cool designs if you do it right.

Apple crates display case... Walmart carries these crates for $10 ea.

What has Pinterest inspired in you?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Waiting On Wednesday: Fight For You by Magan Vernon


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking The Spine to show upcoming releases that we can't wait to read (aka going crazy waiting for). This weeks book is:

Fight For You
Fight For Youby Expected publication: April 11th 2014Beautifully Broken Booksebook243 pages

(Goodreads Synopsis) A mafia prince who doesn't want the crown.
A girl who has secrets of her own.
One love that they'll both have to fight for.
Nicky Ragusa lives his life inside the cage, circuiting the underground ring to escape his fate as the mafia prince. When Jackie Marks crashes into his life, he’ll take the fight outside the cage.
But the battle for Jackie’s heart comes with a steep price. Nicky’s father has wanted him to take over the family business for years, and the time for running is over. Now Nicky is right where his father has always wanted him: in the middle of a war.
All Nicky has ever wanted to do was fight. Now all he has to do is fight for her.

I love Magan Vernon's books. She has a way of capturing your attention and never letting go. Every book I have read by her I normally read in one sitting and they are never short books so you can jut imagine. This book sounds just as incredible as all her other books so I can't wait to have it!

What are you "waiting on"?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Across The Wire Blog Tour: Top 10 List & Giveaway!

Across the Wire by Stella Telleria
Publication date: November 4th 2013
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction

When Mia Mitchell, a hardcore but lonely former Marine, steps into an alley to pull some thugs off an unlucky foreigner, she walks into a fight she expects. What she doesn’t see coming is the foreigner making her a job offer any sane person would refuse. So, she takes it. She thinks she’s headed for some third-world country; instead she’s mysteriously transported to an Earth-like parallel world. That’s a mad left-hook.
Mia discovers a matriarchal dystopia where freedom doesn’t exist and fighting for it means execution. Lethal force bends all to the law; women fear for their families and un-wed men suffer slavery. Mia’s job is to train an underground syndicate of male freedom-fighters for a violent revolution. However, the guys don’t want a pair of X chromosomes showing them the way.

Eben, an escaped slave, is encouraged by Mia to become a leader among the men. But when he turns his quiet determination on her, it spells F.U.B.A.R. for cynical Mia. Their unexpected connection threatens more than her exit strategy; it threatens the power struggle festering with in the syndicate.

Haunted by nightmares and post-traumatic stress, unsure who to trust or how to get home, Mia struggles to stay alive as she realizes all is not what it seems.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Across-Wire-The-Male-Amendment-ebook/dp/B00GEUMY0E/ref=sr_1_22?ie=UTF8&qid=1383603440&sr=8-22&keywords=across+the+wire
Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/374686
Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-ca/books/Across-the-Wire/MLkkgY2PS0yPGzgUSiqGYw

Top ten things you would take during an apocalypse

There are the obvious things one should have to be prepared for an apocalypse:
1.      Water or some sort of filtration or water purification system.2.      Food3.      First aid kit with medication (antibiotics).4.      Firearm of some sort and ammo.5.      A good knife.6.      Matches.7.      Clothes (it’s probably going to get cold). Don’t forget some good shoes.8.      Shelter. Either find some or bring a sturdy tent.9.      Rope (it comes in handy).10.  Duct tape (you can do anything with that stuff).

Then there are the not so obvious or handy things one needs to survive an apocalypse: 
1.      My hubby. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I could surely survive alone, but with him I could do anything.2.      Board games. Monopoly, Pictionary, and Cranium are my weapons of choice. I kick @$$ at them. One needs to keep occupied when faced with utter boredom.3.      My library. My TBR pile is so deep it could keep me entertained for years. Huh, maybe I am a prepper after all. ;)4.      Notebooks. Without electricity, this is where I’ll have to do my writing/scribbling/thinking.5.      Chocolate. This doesn’t need an explanation, does it?6.      Chap Stick/Sunscreen. If you’re going to be outside a lot, these will come in handy.7.      Yoga/sweat pants. Comfy=Happy8.      A dog. Not only are they great companions but they can also warn you of danger.9.      Tools. I’m a very handy gal. I’d finally have time to tackle all the furniture refinishing projects piling up in my basement.10.   Toiletries. Without toothpaste and soap the smell alone might kill me.

Thank you for having me!

Tour wide giveaway
Open to US, to Canada, the UK, and to Australia:
 Signed copy + swag 

All my life I’ve dreamed of stories or have had my nose buried in one. I live in Edmonton, Canada with my husband and my weird sense of humor. Across the Wire is my first novel.

I love old war movies, dystopian fiction, and any story with action, a good plot, and characters I'd get into a fight at the pub for. Not that I'm a brawler or anything. Unless you think that out-of-print book or vintage piece at the thrift shop is going home with you instead of me. Then, my friend, the gloves are off.

Some say if you have your nose buried in a book, you're missing out on life. I say my nose is buried in a book because one life is not enough.

Author links:

LUX: BEGINNINGS Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Lux: Beginnings (Obsidian & Onyx )
Release day on June 3, 2014

Lux: Beginnings (Obsidian & Onyx) official Blurb:

There's an alien next door. And with his looming height and eerie green eyes, he's hot...until he opens his mouth. He's infuriating. Arrogant. Stab-worthy. But when a stranger attacks me and Daemon literally freezes time with a wave of his hand, he lights me up with a big fat bulls-eye. Turns out he has a galaxy of enemies wanting to steal his abilities and the only way I’m getting out of this alive is by sticking close to him until my alien mojo fades. If I don’t kill him first, that is.

Daemon’s determined to prove what he feels for me is more than a product of our bizarro alien connection. So I’ve sworn him off, even though he’s running more hot than cold these days. But we’ve got bigger problems. I’ve seen someone who shouldn’t be alive. And I have to tell Daemon, even though I know he’s never going to stop searching until he gets the truth. What happened to his brother? Who betrayed him? And what does the DOD want from them—from me?

LUX: BEGINNING (Obsidian & Onyx) Links:

# 1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author Jennifer Armentrout lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing. she spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell, Loki.
Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen.
She also writes adult and New Adult romance under the name J. Lynn. She is published by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.

Additional links to Jennifer’s pages:

Two fan inspired artwork from fans of the Lux series sent from the author, Jennifer L. Armentrout, herself.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Book Review: For All You Have Left by Laura Miller

For All You Have Left by 
Published February 11th 2014 by Createspace
Paperback270 pages

For All You Have Left synopsis:

When Logan was nine years old, her father landed a promotion and moved the family back to his old stomping grounds in Columbia, Mo. Logan traded in her old friends and a familiar setting for a new school filled with new faces, but she did get at least one good thing out of the trade—Andrew Amsel.

Andrew and Logan spend a childhood playing hide and seek and then four years at Truman High falling in love and dreaming about their future together. Then on graduation night, Andrew asks Logan to marry him. Logan doesn't even think twice before saying yes. Five days later, they elope.

But life has different plans for Logan. And now at twenty-two, she is in the midst of starting over when Jorgen Ryker moves in next door. Jorgen, a paramedic who grew up along the Missouri River bottoms, seems normal, and he's definitely easy on the eyes, but Logan still has her reservations—and her secrets. Can she put her old life aside to start anew? And what big secret is she hiding that Jorgen might already know?

For All You Have Left is a love story with an unexpected twist centering on three lives, two great loves and one epic journey in learning to love again.

 Let me start off by telling you how I began to read this book. I had just received it in a beautiful package so I ran to the pool and sat out with my cousin and friend. While they are being typical girls tanning I am screaming like NOOOO DON'T LET IT BE!, OH NO!, OH GOD I'M GOING TO CRY! These reactions make people look at you crazy but in our little bookish world it usually means it could possibly be an exceptionally amazing book. Laura Miller brought out every emotion in me through her writing. 

Andrew made me fall head over heels in love with him within the first few pages. He is seriously a dream boat. Logan is so completely in love that even though her world gets turned upside-down you can't help but feel her every pain and completely understand the undying love. I seriously tried to predict what was going to happen and what happened in the past but of course it didn't turn out how I thought. I swear half of the events were put there just to torture me. 

Then of course there is Jorgen. Man how do you not love him but at the same time still completely love Andrew. It killed me but he was a whole other level of amazingness. First of all, completely gorgeous, then he is super funny and sweet. He is an EMT and loves it which makes you want to kiss him even more. I seriously felt Logan's dilemma. 

I highly recommend this book to all the saps out there. I totally expected it to be a typical story young love, loss and heartbreak but no trust me it will throw you through a loop and keep you guessing. Laura Miller you make me a fan!

Wanting Him Blog Tour: Excerpt, Dream Cast & Giveaway


Wanting Him (Needing You #2) 


Can a person really fall in love in only a few short months? Does distance really make the heart grow fonder?

Natalie, a confident strong individual who has had her fair share of pain and loss has found the one thing that truly makes her happy, Parker Thomas.

Parker is living his dream, on tour with his band mates, King Dread. He’s making a name for himself and his band, wanting nothing more than for Natalie to join him on this new adventure.

Unfortunately due to life, Nat cannot go with him. Between going to school, working, and taking care of her sister, her plate is full.

During the months apart, Nat and Parker are able to grow as individuals and reveal who they really are, and what’s important.

Though distance is hard on both of them; there are people out there who want nothing more than a piece of Parker.

When they are put to the test, will they be able to prove their love for one another or will others step in and take their place?

**This contains graphic sexual content and situations suitable for readers 18**

Purchase Links

amazon - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J0NWRF4
kobo- http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/wanting-him-1
smashwords- http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/418435
Barnes & Noble- http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/wanting-him-t-renee-fike/1118919922?ean=2940149191697


Nat, if there’s any point in time when you doubt how I feel about you, I want you talk to me, don’t bail on me,” he says piercing me with those gorgeous green eyes.

“I won’t. We only have to wait a year until you’re home,” I say with a smile.

“Yep, one year. Plus we’ll see each other when I’m around home for concerts, and you’re going to stay with me a few days when you can,” he says with a knowing look.

“Yes babe, I told you I would,” I say with a smile as I lean in and softly press my lips to his.

Before I can register what he’s doing he has me lying on my back and he’s settled between my “Round two,” he says with a wink as he quickly moves down my body to my sensitive spot. He wastes no time getting me ready for more of him. His tongue hits my sacred spot, making my body jump. Parker makes sure I’m not going anywhere as he continues his tongue assault on my body, then thrusting two fingers inside my aching walls.

“Please babe, I need you inside of me,” I whimper.

“I will soon, I’m enjoying tasting you,” he says before he dives back in with his tongue making

It doesn’t take Parker long to have me reaching bliss and calling him all sorts of God-like names.

My body feels like mush, but I can’t get enough of him. I wish I could have him every day, but that’s what makes our times together even more special.

Soon Parker is pushing inside my wet core waking my insides back up. I lean up towards Parker to kiss him. I wrap my arms around his neck, allowing my fingers to play in his sexy messed-up I wrap my legs firmly around Parker’s waist wanting him to push even deeper inside of me.

About the Author
T. Renee Fike is a born and raised country girl from Pennsylvania. When T. Renee isn’t writing,she’s working her full-time day job, or pursuing her Master’s degree. Aside from work and school, she enjoys hanging out with friends, reading a good book, watching football, (GO EAGLES) or hanging out with her niece and nephew.

You can follow T. Renee Fike on
Twitter https://twitter.com/TRFike


Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/trfike

Friday, March 21, 2014

RECKLESSLY ROYAL by @NicholeChase Blog Tour: Excerpt & Giveaway!


Catherine has spent her life being the perfect princess. She’s kept her hands clean, her head down, and most importantly—men at arm’s length. After all, most men are after only one thing, and for Cathy there’s a lot more at stake than her bed; she has to worry about the fate of an entire nation. But at the rate she’s going, Cathy is afraid she’ll give the Virgin Queen a run for her money. She is tired of waiting for someone good enough to come along. She has a plan, and it all hinges on seducing the one man who seems utterly unimpressed by all things royal. The one man she is tempted by more than any other . . .

When David arrives at the royal wedding of his friend, the newly ordained Duchess Samantha Rousseau, he expected to feel uncomfortable and out of his element, but he wasn’t prepared to be targeted by Prince Alex’s gorgeous younger sister. With Cathy’s giant blue eyes, killer figure, and sense of humor, it won’t take long before he gives in. But when he finds out just how innocent the crown princess really is, will he play the part of knight in shining armor or the dashing rogue?

Buy Links:

His mouth twitched and I could tell he was doing that thing where he tried to decide what to say. “I think we should go out on a date.”
“What?” My eyebrows pulled together and I frowned.
“A date. Like to the movies or grab some food.” He shrugged one shoulder and gave me a half smile.
“The movies?” I stared at him dumbfounded. Go to a movie theater?
“Or whatever you do in Lilaria on dates.” He scratched at his chin. “I’m willing to do something else.”
I looked down at my bare feet sticking out of the faded night pants and thought about it. Just the idea made my stomach do flips. Could I have a normal night with him after he had turned away from me? After he had seen me mostly naked?
“You’re asking me out on a date?” My brain refused to completely compute what was happening.
“I’d like to see you again.” His head bobbed a little as if he was agreeing with what he had said. “I’d like to get to know you better.”
Maybe it was that last sentence. Or perhaps it was the fact that I really had enjoyed talking with him last night. It could even be the fact that he looked so damn adorable standing there asking me for a date. But my mouth once again took over and my answer burst forth without thought.
“I’d like that.”
“Good.” A grin broke out on his face. “Tonight?”
“Um, I have to check my schedule.” I frowned.
“You know, with any other girl I might think you were trying to find an excuse, but you probably really do have to check your calendar.” He chuckled, but I caught the nervous hint underneath.
“I’m not trying to find an excuse.” I rolled my eyes. “Free time is sometimes hard to come by.”
“Yeah, I’ve noticed.” He smiled sheepishly. “About last night—”
“No.” I shook my head adamantly. “Let’s just forget last night.”
“There are some things a man can’t forget.” He looked at me with deep eyes. “But we can start over—try things from the beginning.”
“This means we’re not going to talk about the whole stripping mishap, right?” I stood up and held out my hand.
“Oh, now that isn’t something anyone can forget.” He wrapped his fingers around mine. “Hi, I’m David Rhodes.”
“Hi, David. I’m Cathy.”
“Nice pj’s.” His eyes ran over my body and I wondered if he was imagining what was underneath.
“I wasn’t exactly expecting company.” I frowned.
“Would you have dressed up if you’d known I was coming?” He still had my hand wrapped in his.
“Well, you’ve already seen me puke in a potted plant and hungover the next day.” I shrugged. “This is actually an improvement.”
“Even hungover, you were gorgeous.” He winked and finally let go of my hand.
“Wow.” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you practicing these compliments in the mirror at night?”
“I can’t reveal my secrets.” He tucked his hands back into his pockets.

Nichole Chase Bio:
Nichole Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Suddenly Royal, Flukes, The Dark Betrayal Trilogy, and several short stories. She is also the instructor of Say What? a dialogue class at the Romance Academy.

Nichole lives in Georgia with her husband, energetic daughter, superhero dog, Sulcata tortoise, and two cats. When not writing, you may find her reading, painting, crafting, or chasing her daughter around the house while making monster noises. 


Inspired Friday: Glow In The Dark Bubbles

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LXm6WB9RsYQ/UQslAVi0EMI/AAAAAAAADTA/x13mnP7nlWc/s1600/Pinterest-Logo-e1341884936729.jpgInspired Fridays is hosted by  Inkk Reviews
You don't have to actually craft anything to "be inspired". Show something you maybe have done, want to try, or even a cool looking book nook or library. Whatever inspires you!

Glow in the dark bubbles  This will be expected in our next camping trip!

I have a ton of cousins that rang from 7-20s. When we get together we all act like little kids on 2 redbulls lol. This would make them all go nuts. We always make up a game or Google some game so I can just imagine the possibilities this would bring. 

What has Pinterest inspired in you?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Boyfriend List by R.S. Novelle Book Blitz

The Boyfriend List by R.S. Novelle 
Publication date: February 10th 2014

Genres: New Adult, Romance

The Boyfriend List follows twenty-year-old Reagan in her quest for the perfect relationship after a somewhat tragic spring break breakup leaves her disillusioned about love… again.

Reagan had always prided herself on making levelheaded, practical, analytical decisions about everything. Everything, that is, except where guys are concerned. Which was proven to her, once again, when her “boyfriend” opts to take another girl on their oh-so-romantic trip to his lake house. In order to prevent future heartbreak, she creates a checklist of all the qualities she wants in a man, and vows not to give her heart away again until she can determine if they fit every last criteria.

After scouring campus with her two best friends in her tricky journey, her detective work returns a pile of unworthy rejects, and it seems as though her choices are narrowed down to only two options: the hot stranger who’s inspired her new project, and her best guy friend Ian, who she’s always kept at bay due to his perceived playboy reputation.

Reagan gets more than she bargained for with her new set of rules, however, and is surprised to find that love, and the perfect boyfriend, may have been within reach the entire time. But will Ian’s reputation ruin his chances to prove his worth? And can Reagan let go of her insecurities long enough to even give him a chance?

The Boyfriend List is a light, New Adult romance about friendship, trust, and learning to let go in order to embrace what real love can offer.


Maybe she needed to get some fresh air, she decided. Go for a walk, clear her head. Anything to distract her focus from her thoughts and reset her mind back on her paper.Decision made. She shut down her computer, set aside her books and wrapped her long hair into a somewhat sloppy bun on the top of her head. Reagan had contemplated a light sweatshirt to ward off the last cold brisk of winter that clung to the night air in stubborn resignation, then decided against it. But before she’d even left her bedroom, she turned back and yanked it off her bed after all. Apparently she was having a hard time making up her mind about everything that night.Zipping it halfway up her torso, just below her breasts, she crept quietly out the front door and turned to lock it behind her. A quick breeze whipped its way around the corner and down the corridor, and as a shiver worked its way up her spine, she was thankful she’d listened to her intuition. Maybe she should do that more often.But just as Reagan turned to go down the stairs and head out on her walk, she was met – nearly head on – by an unexpected sight. Ian stood before her, mildly drunk but mostly sober, looking as surprised to see her as she was to see him. It was clear he’d been out for a night of fun, though she’d seen him far worse on more occasions than she could count on both hands. But it was also just as clear that, once again, he’d come home alone. She couldn’t help the little smirk of satisfaction that turned up at the corners of her mouth on that discovery, though internally she chastised herself at the thought. “And just where do you think you’re going?” His voice danced over the words with dramatic flair, an indicative side effect of his inebriated condition.
It took her a minute to find her voice. “I need a break.” She finally explained, “This essay’s killing me and I want to clear my head.” “Nice jacket.” He flicked the toggle of her zipper, and Reagan felt it flutter in her core. “Want some company?”The flutter was moving faster at the suggestion. His eyes had grown dark, almost as dark as the night sky, and she thought she saw something in them that begged her to say yes. Suddenly, she wasn’t so sure she needed her sweatshirt any longer, since the temperature seemed to have risen up all around her, working a pink tint into her cheeks. She was glad it was so dark out, hopefully he couldn’t tell this time. “Aren’t you just getting in though? You’re probably tired...right?”Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes... she chanted in her head. The truth was she very much would’ve loved his company, maybe a little too much, but she wasn’t certain she trusted herself around him yet...alone...in the middle of the night. There were too many possibilities, too many temptations that her imagination could come up with. If she acted on any one of them, and was wrong in her assumption, well the let down could be brutal at best.
“Tired? Me?” He shook his head and made a face at the suggestion. “The party was just getting boring. Too many of the same people, not worth the time.” Was he implying that she was worth his time then? Reagan certainly hoped so, considering how long they’d been friends. But she couldn’t help wondering if there was something more behind the words. “So what do you say? Can I walk with you?” And as he tilted his head in that subtle way that only Ian could, a dimple working it’s way into the corner of his cheek, she felt her breath rush out of her lungs.
He’d put the ball back in her court again. Damn him! There’d be no getting around it this time, she’d have to give him a definitive answer. And quickly. Reagan knew she should say no. There was something inside, warning her that it wasn’t a good idea. As though accepting his innocent invitation would somehow change things. Alter their relationship and shift their energies toward one another in a way that could never be put back again. But, when she really thought about it, hadn’t they kind of done that already?And yet everything inside of her wanted to scream yes, and keep the momentum of what they’d started earlier in the day moving forward. It wanted to let him take her hand in his, entwine her fingers around his, as though it was the most natural thing in the world for them to be doing. All she could manage though was a simple nod, stiffened by the breath she held tightly in her chest. It was almost as though she was afraid to acknowledge what she wholeheartedly wanted, even to herself, because doing so would only leave her open and vulnerable to a future of regrets and failures. 

Blitz-wide giveaway
-5 eBooks copies of The Boyfriend List (INT)
-One signed paperback of The Boyfriend List (US only)

Renee’ Novelle is Preceded by a long line of published family members, including Pulitzer Prize nominated author and Poet Laureate of Kentucky Jesse Stuart.

As a child, Novelle was already gaining recognition for several of her works, and in her formative years, she continued this trend by earning local awards for her short stories and poems.

Inspired to cultivate her talent, Novelle pursued freelance journalism and has found placement of 75 of her pieces in both online and print publications since 2008. Additionally, she has written multiple screenplays, and contributed her savvy, effective writing style to many non-profit and for profit organizations. She launched several blogs over the years, which garnered international attention.

In 2013, Novelle returned to her first love – fiction. She writes psychological and paranormal thrillers, as well as contemporary fiction and new adult fiction. For a complete schedule of upcoming releases, please visit www.RSNovelle.com

Though she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Communication, Summa Cum Laude, she considers herself a constant student of the written word. She’s an avid reader, an enthusiastic quote poster, and rarely takes “no” as a final answer. She has an unhealthy obsession for theater, dance, music and art, and strongly believes that wine is simultaneously the beginning of, and resolution to, all of life’s problems. She believes in following dreams, and that in the end, you always end up where you're meant to be.

Author links: