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Friday, March 21, 2014

RECKLESSLY ROYAL by @NicholeChase Blog Tour: Excerpt & Giveaway!


Catherine has spent her life being the perfect princess. She’s kept her hands clean, her head down, and most importantly—men at arm’s length. After all, most men are after only one thing, and for Cathy there’s a lot more at stake than her bed; she has to worry about the fate of an entire nation. But at the rate she’s going, Cathy is afraid she’ll give the Virgin Queen a run for her money. She is tired of waiting for someone good enough to come along. She has a plan, and it all hinges on seducing the one man who seems utterly unimpressed by all things royal. The one man she is tempted by more than any other . . .

When David arrives at the royal wedding of his friend, the newly ordained Duchess Samantha Rousseau, he expected to feel uncomfortable and out of his element, but he wasn’t prepared to be targeted by Prince Alex’s gorgeous younger sister. With Cathy’s giant blue eyes, killer figure, and sense of humor, it won’t take long before he gives in. But when he finds out just how innocent the crown princess really is, will he play the part of knight in shining armor or the dashing rogue?

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His mouth twitched and I could tell he was doing that thing where he tried to decide what to say. “I think we should go out on a date.”
“What?” My eyebrows pulled together and I frowned.
“A date. Like to the movies or grab some food.” He shrugged one shoulder and gave me a half smile.
“The movies?” I stared at him dumbfounded. Go to a movie theater?
“Or whatever you do in Lilaria on dates.” He scratched at his chin. “I’m willing to do something else.”
I looked down at my bare feet sticking out of the faded night pants and thought about it. Just the idea made my stomach do flips. Could I have a normal night with him after he had turned away from me? After he had seen me mostly naked?
“You’re asking me out on a date?” My brain refused to completely compute what was happening.
“I’d like to see you again.” His head bobbed a little as if he was agreeing with what he had said. “I’d like to get to know you better.”
Maybe it was that last sentence. Or perhaps it was the fact that I really had enjoyed talking with him last night. It could even be the fact that he looked so damn adorable standing there asking me for a date. But my mouth once again took over and my answer burst forth without thought.
“I’d like that.”
“Good.” A grin broke out on his face. “Tonight?”
“Um, I have to check my schedule.” I frowned.
“You know, with any other girl I might think you were trying to find an excuse, but you probably really do have to check your calendar.” He chuckled, but I caught the nervous hint underneath.
“I’m not trying to find an excuse.” I rolled my eyes. “Free time is sometimes hard to come by.”
“Yeah, I’ve noticed.” He smiled sheepishly. “About last night—”
“No.” I shook my head adamantly. “Let’s just forget last night.”
“There are some things a man can’t forget.” He looked at me with deep eyes. “But we can start over—try things from the beginning.”
“This means we’re not going to talk about the whole stripping mishap, right?” I stood up and held out my hand.
“Oh, now that isn’t something anyone can forget.” He wrapped his fingers around mine. “Hi, I’m David Rhodes.”
“Hi, David. I’m Cathy.”
“Nice pj’s.” His eyes ran over my body and I wondered if he was imagining what was underneath.
“I wasn’t exactly expecting company.” I frowned.
“Would you have dressed up if you’d known I was coming?” He still had my hand wrapped in his.
“Well, you’ve already seen me puke in a potted plant and hungover the next day.” I shrugged. “This is actually an improvement.”
“Even hungover, you were gorgeous.” He winked and finally let go of my hand.
“Wow.” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you practicing these compliments in the mirror at night?”
“I can’t reveal my secrets.” He tucked his hands back into his pockets.

Nichole Chase Bio:
Nichole Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Suddenly Royal, Flukes, The Dark Betrayal Trilogy, and several short stories. She is also the instructor of Say What? a dialogue class at the Romance Academy.

Nichole lives in Georgia with her husband, energetic daughter, superhero dog, Sulcata tortoise, and two cats. When not writing, you may find her reading, painting, crafting, or chasing her daughter around the house while making monster noises. 


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