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Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Is My Middle Name

Once again I have pushed off putting a post for way too long. Instead of writing a lengthy heart-wrenching post of my many struggles (HA) I figured I'd spice things up and give ya'll a glimpse into my head (bwahaha).

The Curtsy

curtsy photo:  curtsy.gif

This all started during Intercessory Prayer. Every once in a while I will get a really random thought. Well today while someone was praying I had this exchange play out in my head : girl curtsys, guy bows. Then I'm like WAIT A MINUTE!
What is the proper way to curtsy? Is it the left leg you but back or the right. After thorough (but still not thorough enough) investigation I found this : 
"I am left handed, so I place my left foot behind my right foot, catch my dress with my finger-tips and widen my dress slightly and bend my knees and lower my body about 2 or 3 inches etc, hold there a second and rise again." - Old-Fashioned Charm

I think there has to be a leg that everyone uses but who knows. Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion or knowledge on the proper way to curtsy.

In My Mailbox


I'm considering starting an IMM (The Story Siren). I have been winning and receiving so many books that I want to be able to show you guys them. Everyone and their mom knows I love reading and my books are my babies.I Hate All Things Poop 

Even though I highly dislike anything related to what comes out of your rectum... this video is hilarious.
    steelers eagles photo: eagles suck small_1268122.jpgShout out to my awesome cousin Chri'tofer! I'm so happy you found Christ! My bday's never feel right without sharing them with you. And you rock my socks but some things won't change ... That's all for now folks. Leave a comment below.  <3   

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