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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm A Lost Pup

One of my favorite things to do is write posts that are completely me. I'm a little on the crazy side so they can be fun.

The reason I titled this ^ is because even though I'm not exactly new to the book reviewing world since I have been reviewing on Goodreads for a while but this blogging thing is a mystery to me.Once I think I'm getting the hang of things I realize stuff like "hey whats all this policy stuff on everyone's blogs?" See what I mean. I'm lost peeps! I shall figure this out! 


Totally not the challenge I'm going for but still funny (love Pinterest).


Things have been kind of crazy lately. My dad's brain cancer is back and he started his first round of radiation yesterday.

Cyberknife is a huge robot that moves all around his head and zaps at it. (Scary right?!) SO as you can see things are definitely not the norm for me but honestly when are they ever. It sucks though because we are going on 4 years of this battle and it's like we just started this whole process all over again. Instead of sitting on my tush and getting all depressed and shnipes I decided to go a marathon/walkathon shabang: 

Back to the bookish world.

I am currently reading City of Ashes. I wanted to get even more in the "spirit" of TMI. If you know know about TMI then you need to get slapped like... yesterday. Seriously though The Mortal Instruments is AMAZING! You have to read City of Bones NOW!! I'm fangirling hard core! I can't wait to see the movie. If you haven't seen the trailer... well just scroll down my lovely's because here it is!

Are you hooked now? Seriously I am all giddy just thinking about it!  

I want to try and get more personal posts in so hopefully ya'll will hear from me soon! =p

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