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Saturday, August 17, 2013


As I mentioned before, I am super excited for TMI: City of Bones movie. I normally don't get too crazy over movies but come on this is a book that I loved turned into a movie. Therefore, my geekdom was unleashed.

excited photo: excited Excited-Amy-Adams-In-Cute-Dress-Reaction-Gif_zpsa152083a.gif

In preparation for the movie (WEDNESDAY!!) I went to Hot Topic and Rue 21

While I was paying at Rue 21, the cashier got all geeked out about the books and we were very animated while my loser friend (Golfinator) watched lol (love u chic but you aren't at that level yet).This is what I got:

Hot Topic
Rue 21
Rue 21

Another awesome sawesome thing is...


screaming photo:  scream1_zps55526782.gif

Here's the trailer:

I have mixed feelings about it. Don't get me wrong it looks awesome, I just wasn't really expecting it to be like that. I hope it sticks close to the book. Its so disappointing when they veer off and make it a whole different story. The books were so amazing and kick arse so I have high hopes for the movie.

I will let ya'll know what I think of the movie (TMI).


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