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Saturday, October 12, 2013


This week has been absolutely unbelievable. If you follow my Twitter or Facebook then you may already know what has been going on but just in case I thought I would share with the rest of my followers. 
For the past two weeks we have been getting work done on our roof. Monday afternoon when the guy left he did put tarp on the area he was working on. Now remember guys I live in Florida so crazy random storms are always expected. It can be a clear sunny day and BOOM a 5 minute tsunami hits lol. So of course that's what happens. This tropical storm storm hits and its hours of intense rain and wind which led to our living room flooding. Crazy I know! The next morning I see this.

 As the day went by the spots kept growing. I kept telling my mom the ceiling was going to fall but Mrs. Positive wouldn't believe me. That night at 2 AM we woke up to this.

 These pictures don't even do the disaster justice. Well after cleaning for HOURS, we packed up and got my dad out of there. We stayed with my cousin and my grandpa stayed with the roofer. The rest of the pictures are the process that has happened with week.

 This is the latest:

 Now you guys know why my blog has been a little empty compared to most weeks. Hopefully within the next week I will be back up to normal. The worst part is I haven't had a single minute to read. That is major for anyone who knows me. I always find time but it just hasn't happened. My dad hasn't been doing to well either to things have been a bit overwhelming. Anyways I will try to keep ya'll updated on the building of my house lol.

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