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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Summer Roommate Book Blitz: Character Interview & Giveaway

My Summer Roommate by Bridie Hall
Published by: Evernight Teen
Publication date: September 19th 2014Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

Chloe needs a place to crash for the summer before college. When Chris offers, she moves in with him. It’s just for two months, no biggie. But soon she realizes she may have made a mistake. He is too perfect; a former snowboarder, laid-back and kind to boot, and he’s smitten with her. But she’s got trust issues and a relationship feels daunting. When he keeps trying to win her over, the temptation becomes overwhelming.
Just as she gives in and decides it’s not worth fighting their emotions anymore, Chris reveals he’s made a stupid mistake which might ruin Chloe’s trust in him and tear them apart.


Character Interview – Chris
Chris, thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I’d like our readers to get to know you better, so let’s start with your sports career. You were a very successful snowboarder until your injury. How did you get over the news that you’d never be able to compete again?   
First, it’s a pleasure. Second, the injury and everything that followed were some of the worst moments in my life. It wasn’t easy, but I had the support of my family and I’m really grateful for that. I think it made all the difference. It takes a while to wrap your head around such a change in your life, but eventually you get over it. 

You want to study sports pedagogy. Why?  
This is something I feel very strongly about because I’ve experienced first-hand what it means to be a competitive athlete. A lot of the coaches are good with the technical stuff, they may be former champions in a certain sport, but they don’t know a lot about teaching or passing their knowledge along. That’s what I want to do, be a good teacher, not just a teacher. Although, if I think about it, bad teachers aren’t even proper teachers, right?
 What did you like best about moving from Colorado to Georgia? And least?
What I liked least was the lack of snow. What I liked best were the people. Or I should say, a particular person.

I take it you’re talking about Chloe? 
Tell me about her.  
She’s the most inspiring person I know. Unpretentious, genuine, passionate. She’s straightforward, she has her priorities straight. She really knows what she wants in life, not so much in terms of a career, but the kind of people she wants to be with, the sort of positive vibe that she wants in her life, the peace, the simplicity and goodness. She wants to study psychology, and I think whichever way she decides to go in her career, it’ll never be just a career. She’ll always bring her warm, personal touch to her work. That’s who she is. That’s who I love. 
What’s your biggest success in life so far? 
I’m still working on it. Convincing Chloe that we’d be good together would be a pretty huge success. But to be together, I need to-get-her, don’t I? I think she’d appreciate the pun. (Laugh.) 
You’d consider that a bigger success than your snowboarding wins? 
Oh yeah. 
What are you most afraid of? 
Hm ... Disappointing people. The people close to me, I mean. I want my friends and family to know I’ll be there for them. They’ve always supported me and I want to return the favour. I want them all to be able to rely on me. That’s the kind of person I want to be. I think it’s important to stand by your loved ones, at all times. 
Is there anything you’d like to change in your life? 
Obviously, I’d prefer not to have injured my knee so that I’d be able to keep snowboarding, but on the other hand ... I wouldn’t have met Chloe then. So yeah, I wouldn’t change much. I’d just maybe like for someone to open Chloe’s eyes so she’d really see me for who I am. And like me, of course. (Laugh.) 
What do you think Chloe said about you? 
You asked her about me? Oh, god. (Laugh.) I think she said she hates how untidy I am and how she has to constantly pick up my clothes all around the apartment because I just drop them wherever. (Laugh.) Maybe she also said she likes me, a little bit. I hope. Yeah, I hope she said that.

Bridie Hall sold her first story at fourteen. Since then, she has written dozens more, translated books, studied writing, and started writing novels. Her days revolve around stories and words, her sleepless nights involve plotting and inventing fascinating new characters. The only activity that takes up more of her time than writing, is reading.

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