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Friday, April 19, 2013

Book Review: The Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram

The Avery Shaw Experiment


Expected publication: May 2013

~My Review~

I love this book! When I first heard of it I was definitely intrigued which can always be a good thing or a bad thing. In this case, it was definitely good. I am becoming a huge fan of Kelly's books. This is one of those books where anyone around you will think your crazy because you will be making some crazy faces and talking to the book (just ask my family and friends).

gasp photo: GASP. GASP.gifugly crying photo: New Girl - Jess - Ugly Crying tumblr_inline_mknkedlOfG1qz4rgp_zpseacbc94d.giflaughing photo: laughing monkey t2172193-9-thumb-laughing20monkey.gifscreaming photo: Annie Screaming AnnieScream_zps0da01f7e.gifhappy dance photo: Happy Dance funny-gif-boy-dancing-glasses_zps31b6ee6d.gif

See what I'm saying.

Avery grew up with Aiden and Grayson Kennedy. Avery has been madly in love with Aiden. They were inseparable until one day it dumps her like a bad habit. Imagine not only was she in love but he was her best friend too (I know horrible right!). Grayson comes to the rescue and decides to make it his personal mission to mend her heart.

Even though I want to tell you guys the funniest thing that happens I'm not going to but just know that it is ... "steamy". Well Grayson starts to look at Avery like a girl and not just his little sister but Avery being the innocent, sweet nerd is a tad clueless. Now I have to mention that Grayson is beyond yumm-a-licious. He's got piercing blue eyes, tall, broad, and an amazing body.

Well when Aiden dumps Avery, he also leaves her hanging in the science club and fair. She decided to do her project on how to heal a broken heart. She believes the way to healing a broken heart is through the seven stages of grief (genius if you ask me). Avery recruits Grayson to help by taking her out on dates and guiding her through each stage. In return, she has to tutor him which becomes the science club mission.

I could go on all day about this book. It was just so fun and adorable. I need to find me a Grayson! So if that in itself doesn't make you go get this book then listen closely ...GO READ THIS BOOK NOW!!

rating photo: 5 Stars 5-stars.png

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