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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Book Review: The Last Academy

The Last Academy 

The Last Academy by Anne Applegate

Expected publication: April 30th 2013
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(Goodreads synopsis) What is this prep school preparing them for?

Camden Fisher arrives at boarding school haunted by a falling-out with her best friend back home. But the manicured grounds of Lethe Academy are like nothing Cam has ever known. There are gorgeous, preppy boys wielding tennis rackets, and circles of girls with secrets to spare. Only . . . something is not quite right. One of Cam's new friends mysteriously disappears, but the teachers don't seem too concerned. Cam wakes up to strangers in her room, who then melt into the night. She is suddenly plagued by odd memories, and senses there might be something dark and terrible brewing. But what? The answer will leave Cam—and readers—stunned and breathless, in this thrilling debut novel.

(Sigh). This book had so much potential! I'm so frustrated because I really didn't like it. In the beginning my only complaint was how immature Camden was at times and her best friend was a jerk but that ending was just a big WTF. Camden is sent to boarding school for high school. She doesn't really understand why because she remember having a loving home. On her first day she needs Jessie and Nora. They become close friends quickly. Cam's roommate is a complete witch who find joy in torturing her. On the plane she meets creeper Barnaby Charon. He creates fear and curiosity to the girls.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't like anything that has to do with witches or anything that goes along with that, so that added to me not liking this book. Some of the girls use a Ouija board and have a seance. Jessie tries to connect to her brother and ends up completely loosing her marbles. This leads to disappearances.

Throughout all the mayhem the girls still find love. The school has a rule when it comes to dating students, its practically forbidden so everyone does it in secret. On the first day there is an assembly at which Camden sees Mark Elliot. She falls for him instantly and seeks him out everywhere she goes. She has a habit of blurting things out but it comes to her advantage when it comes to him. Nora has a thing with Thatch. Unlike Camden and Mark, they hide their relationship-not really relationship.

To sum it up, I gave this book a 2 star because it wasn't horrible but I personally did not like it.


Let me know if you think differently.

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