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Friday, November 15, 2013

Inspired Friday: Christmas Care Package

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LXm6WB9RsYQ/UQslAVi0EMI/AAAAAAAADTA/x13mnP7nlWc/s1600/Pinterest-Logo-e1341884936729.jpgInspired Fridays is hosted by  Inkk Reviews
You don't have to actually craft anything to "be inspired". Show something you maybe have done, want to try, or even a cool looking book nook or library. Whatever inspires you!

So unfortunately I had to skip a thanksgiving box because I'm going to COLOMBIA NEXT WEEK!! AHHH!! Anyways so because the deadline to get them the box by Christmas is like around the corner so I'm sending it now. I love all these ideas. I honestly wish I could send every package Christmas themed. At the end I will have the pictures of the one I send.

How to Make Candy Cane SleighsChristmas military care package box! Except I will NEVER put "goodbye rudolph" in one I make. Ever.The Countdown To Christmas BoxBe Inspired Series: Christmas Care Packages - Day 5 | L♥ve From HomeChristmas Care Packages | Army Wife 101Christmas Care package idea even though this deployment shouldn't last until then.L♥ve From Home: Be Inspired Series: Christmas Care Packages - Day 4

What has Pinterest inspired in you?


  1. Aww, they're really lovely!! (the first one is my fave!)
    Have a safe trip and SO much fun, of course! :)

    Here's my inspiration!

  2. Thanks I'm excited. I plan on posting tons of pictures so make sure to look out for them.
    I love the christmas tree but didn't have enough time to try to figure out how to do that.
    Thanks for stopping by!